The russians Will “Remove” Cabins From Their Ural Trucks

The russian defense industry is trying to demonstrate its achievements in the creation of unmanned vehicles amid deepening international sanctions

The russian truck manufacturer “Ural Automobile Plant” at the russian ARMY-2022 miltary-technical Forum presented the “newest” prototypes of an unmanned vehicle based on “Ural-432067-73” chassis in a military modification. This is reported by the russian propaganda media.

The prototype of the unmanned Ural track was left without a cabin and control systems for the crew – the vehicle was equipped with a “computer vision system” – the control of the unmanned Ural will be carried out remotely or, as the russian propaganda claims, the car will perform tasks in a completely autonomous mode.

Unmanned Ural track track is demonstrated at once in “military” and “civilian” variants

In the future, the occupiers plan to use such a track for russian troops to transport cargo weighing up to five tons in dangerous areas on the front line. In addition, the unmanned “Ural” is also demonstrated in the “civilian version”. It is noted that the experimental model has all-wheel drive with a 240 hp engine, the car will be able to develop a speed of up to 80 km/h.

It is worth noting that, in general, the trend of “unmanned” military weapons is observed all over the world, and the idea of robotizing equipment that has weak armor and travels in the zone of damage of enemy artillery and other weapons – actually has the right to life.

Unmanned Ural track can transport up to 5 tons of cargo

However, in the case of the russian federation, it is difficult to predict when exactly such a weapon will appear on the battlefield, how effective it will be and whether it will “fit” into the russian (read – Soviet) dogmas of warfare. But, judging by the losses of the occupiers on the battlefield, “total robotics” will soon be one of the options for solving the shortage of “cannon fodder” and suicide bombers on the battlefield.


  1. Credit should go to the Ukrainians. They helped the orcs by removing the cabs from 100s of Urals sent to Ukraine.

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