Russian TV propagandist blown up on landmine in occupied Donetsk


Zemfira Suleymanova, the Russian propagandist from RT [Russia Today] TV channel, died as a result of an anti-personnel mine explosion in Donetsk, the militants reported.

Source: Interfax with reference to militants

Quote: “A girl born in 1997, a reporter for the Russian TV channel RT, was injured as a result of a mine explosion by Lepestok PFM [also known as a Green Parrot or Butterfly Mine] in the Kirovske district of Donetsk. 

She died of her injuries in the hospital.”

Details: According to information from the occupiers, she was either an employee of RT or carried the fake documents.

The Kremlin-aligned outlet later reported that Suleymanova was allegedly a volunteer and “never cooperated with the TV channel.”


  1. One less piece of filth stealing Ukrainian air. I hope it was a russian mine she stepped on, now that would be poetic justice.

        • Again it references the Mirror! Why would a crappy Labour propaganda mag for low IQ ‘s be entrusted with such info?!

          Nevertheless I’d welcome it if it were true. The difficulty is that the chief nazi rat has appointed himself everyone in a position of power in this stupid slave country. Govt, military, spooks, mafia bosses, oligarchs etc; all hand picked by putler.
          Regardless of the veracity of this, the allies must stop pissing about and arm Ukraine to the extent of making the orcs’ job completely impossible.
          So far they have failed in that task; always giving enough to help Ukraine continue the fight but never enough for them to totally crush the bastards.

          • Vladolf is trying to get the West to lobby for a settlement or ceasefire before the good guys return Kherson because afterwards Putin will be forced to claim he has medical issues and can’t serve as president anymore. In the end Putin will be forced out or killed because he spent 200,000 Russian lives and not only didn’t accumulate more territory but actually lost some. Putler wanted the history books in ruZZia but what he will get is the history books of warfare under the heading of “What NOT to do when you invade your neighbors.”

  2. I hope that mafia land will send all RT propagandists to the region. I’m sure there are many more mines, enough for all of them.

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