Russian media report new explosions on military airfield near Simferopol in Crimea


The Russian mass media report of clouds of black smoke over the military airfield in the village of Hvardiiske, Simferopol district of Russian-occupied Crimea.

Source: Kommersant publication with reference to local residents, Christo Grozev, head of Bellingcat on Twitter

Details: Local residents also confirm that clouds of black smoke are seen above the airbase in Hvardiiske.

According to them, several explosions were heard earlier on the territory of the military base.

According to the source, local military departments and law enforcement agencies assume it could be an attack by a small unmanned aerial vehicle that hit an ammunition storage.

Grozev claims that 12 SU-24M and 12 SU-25SM aircraft were at the airbase. The airfield was part of the Russian Naval Forces.


On the morning of 16 August, a fire broke out at an ammunition depot near the village of Maiske, Dzhankoi district, Russian-occupied Crimea.


  1. Third strike in Crimea … or, another spontaneous combustion, according to the rushists. More to come? I hope so. The Kerch bridge will be jam packed with traffic!

    • The propaganda to the ruZZo-sheep is funny. They blame cigarettes, foul play, lightning, angry storks or what ever on the explosions but they people are running for the border. How is that “historical reunification” going you friggen nazis?!

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