Russia Taking Military Equipment From Belarus

Previously, the occupiers took ammunition from our country.


The Russians began to remove artillery from the weapons arsenal in Homel. The reason for such actions may be the problems of the occupiers with the provision of this type of weaponry.

It is reported by the Center for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russians gained access to warehouses and storage centers in Belarus to provide their troops with armored vehicles.

“This is due to the growing problems of the Russian occupying troops in terms of timely and sufficient provision of the units with ammunition and military equipment, which is quickly disposed of by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, the transportation distances are growing more and more every day, and the repair and restoration bases are getting farther and farther,” StratCom reports.

Now the occupying troops have gained access to the arsenal of the 1868th artillery base in Homel (Belarus).

This base mainly stores artillery systems, namely the Akatsiya self-propelled guns, 2S9 Nona-S, hundreds of D-20 and D-30 howitzers, and Msta-B howitzers.

“That is, the Russian occupiers are already taking from Belarus not only thousands of tons of ammunition, but also hundreds of pieces of artillery and armored vehicles. Has the Russian army started to have problems with artillery?” they added in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


  1. It could be that they are reinforcing the Donbas region with this measure. Maybe they’re even stupid enough to bring them to Kherson region, although it would be a tough job doing so without workable bridges. At any rate, this relieves the pressure on the northern border region some, depending on what percentage of weapons and ammo the cockroaches are taking out. This could allow Ukraine to move some units from there to other front lines.

      • I’m surprised that putler hasn’t “convinced” loony yet to join the war directly, since putler is seeking more meat puppets in all possible and impossible places.

  2. Homel is quite close to the Ukrainian border.
    Maybe it time for a missile attack?
    It is very tricky though as it could provoke a response from Uncle Luka.

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