Putin’s “strange” attitude towards children and another shame of Kadyrov: a new issue of “Polanitsa” has been released

In this episode of the show, Alexander the Reverend will talk about the next trash and “Russian braces”.

Russian President Putin behaves very “strangely” with children and was incredibly happy with a chocolate bar with the image of a little boy. And the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, once again disgraced himself with the “posture” with the dispatch of militants to Ukraine.

This was reported in the new episode of Alexander the Reverend’s show “Polyanitsa”, which has already appeared on YouTube .

The new “bavovna” in the Crimea cannot but please the Ukrainians, the presenter said. The occupied peninsula is getting closer to becoming ours again. And the Russians are returning home in a panic. PauseUnmute

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The Reverend also spoke about Putin’s “strange” attitude towards children and “walked” on the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, who forgot to open binoculars and ridiculously “observed” the exercises. 

Against the backdrop of a total failure at the front and a complete defeat on the world stage, the Russian Federation is still trying to inspire its citizens with the value of “Russian bonds” and is trying to prove to them that in other countries people supposedly live much worse.

So, in the new issue of “Polanitsa” it is reported that while in Germany they are allegedly preparing to “suffer” without Russian gas, everything is “excellent” in the Russian Federation. Propagandists actively say that German pensioners are planning to spend the winter in warm countries, so as not to allegedly freeze without gas. These and other trash news from the Russian Federation can be viewed in the new show “POLYANITSA” on the UNIAN channel on YouTube.

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