Putin’s goals have changed: a forecast has appeared, what the liberation of Kherson will lead to

Russian publicist Piontkovsky is sure that the President of the Russian Federation is striving for a ceasefire.

Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS
Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

At the moment, Russian President Vladimir Putin is no longer fighting for geopolitical goals and the destruction of Ukraine, but for his life. The Russian army has shown that it is not able to achieve the initially set goals.

This opinion was expressed by Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrey Piontkovsky on the air of Channel 24 .

In his opinion, Putin is seeking a ceasefire in order to stop the UAF counteroffensive and prevent the liberation of Kherson, which will lead to a political disaster in Russia.

“And the next morning, between the Swan Lake demonstrations, we will have to report that Comrade Putin has made a number of serious mistakes in the ‘Ukrainian issue’ and, for health reasons, is no longer able to fulfill the duties of the President of Russia,” predicts Piontkovsky.

Recall, earlier it was reported that the  Russian military command is fleeing from Kherson .

The adviser to the head of the OP Arestovich said that Russian President  Putin sent “messengers” to the West to beg for a truce with Ukraine .

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  1. Encouraging as this is, the UAF should be careful not to drop their guard in case putin’s trying a military feint. Even after a ceasefire agreement, I’d only trust that he’s giving up, AFTER large numbers of the russian military has started crossing back into their so-called motherland.

    • Some of us have been saying since day 1 that Ukraine would win. I’m very glad it looks like that is becoming more and more a reality. Considering the damage, nobody won but in the long term it is a huge win for Ukraine and hopefully the last war with the Filth. They need to be broken up into bite sized fucking pieces so they can’t threaten the world again.

  2. I seriously doubt that Ukraine is willing to have a ceasefire as long as it’s able to call the shots, which is what is happening at the moment. I think that the government and the military are weighing very carefully all options that it has. As long as the military option is viable, it is the only one to be considered. The military defeat of mafia land is top priority. A ceasefire would result in only a momentary frozen conflict, which could be a grave mistake for Ukraine. It is essential to keep the cockroaches busy in Kherson region, so they use more supplies than can be replaced.

  3. Putler’s goals changed after his orcs were decimated trying to take Kyiv, Kharkiv and the North of Ukraine. His goals will change once more when his band of rapists retreat from Kherson.

  4. In this world there are only 2 things to observe: THE GOOD and THE BAD. Of course, the good belongs to God and the bad to SATAN. God always wins over all bad things! and Ukraine will surely WIN! Praise GOD!

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