Putin Sends ‘Messengers’ To West To Ask For Truce With Ukraine

There are “very serious people” acting on behalf of the Kremlin.


The Russians have stepped up efforts to hold “referendums” in the captured territories to put pressure on the negotiation process. At the same time, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has sent “messengers” to Europe to ask for a truce.

Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, said this during an interview with Mark Feygin.

“They (Russians – ed.) are now conducting another visit of emissaries to the West. At that, they are very serious people from Vladimir himself. They explain: “Well, let’s somehow come to an agreement, because it looks quite unsuitable now. Losing is somehow not an option at all. Putin will be removed – it’s a horror. Look who will come to power. It is not known… Even worse fascists. And we need to go here and there. Let’s agree on the place”. Obviously, they are being shown “red lines”. Here is the Zaporizhzhia (nuclear power plant – ed.). Why did the conversation between the UN Secretary General and Shoygu (Russian Defense Minister – ed.) take place today? Shoigu has been trying to avoid this conversation for a very long time, and today it took place. Yelenivka and other unpleasant things were discussed there,” Arestovych said.

According to him, during the talks in Istanbul in March, the Russians were ready to withdraw their troops to the border of February 23. At that time it was Russia that asked for the negotiations. Now Russians are even more persistent in asking for negotiations.

At the same time, Arestovych admitted that he analyses the war in Ukraine based on corollary data, because he has no access to state secrets.



  1. We’ll see how this develops. I, for one, do not trust the mafiosi.

    “Look who will come to power. It is not known… Even worse fascists.”

    HOW can there be a worse fascist? Can another asshole murder more, rape more, steal more, lie more, fire more missiles, drop more bombs? Hardly. Mafia land has expended about as mush as it has. There cannot be anyone worse. The only escalation is nuclear/chemical/biological. But, I seriously doubt that they will ever go this far.

  2. RuZZian negotiations serve only to buy time for them to do more evil or something else stupid. They have proven over and over again that they do not abide by their agreements. Their words mean nothing, they speak with a forked tongue. Their written words are worth less than toilet paper which seems to be a commodity unknown in the ruskie mir.

    Putler still wants sham referendums and continues to have his worshipers shell and bomb indiscriminately. His followers persist in their campaign of genocide on his orders.

    No way of knowing whom or what will fill the power vacuum when vladolf putler is gone, but I’m seeing no other way for respite besides turning that old demented bear into a throw rug.

    Total Victory for ALL of Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

    Total annihilation for the temporary ruZZian occupiers!!!💥🔥☠️

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