Plumes of smoke seen at Russian military airbase in Gvardeyskoye, Crimea -Kommersant

MOSCOW, Aug 16 (Reuters) – Plumes of black smoke were seen on Tuesday at a Russian military airbase near the settlement of Gvardeyskoye in the centre of Russian-controlled Crimea, Russia’s Kommersant newspaper reported.

Earlier on Tuesday, Russia’s Defence Ministry separately blamed a series of explosions around Dzhankoi in northern Crimea on “sabotage”, state-owned news agency RIA reported.

Ukraine has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in a recent series of blasts in Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.


  1. Crimea is going up in flames, Ukraine are terrorising the orc invaders. Putler will be having one huge tantrum in his bunker.

    • Compared to the hideous savagery of the putinazis, this is very mild. Attacks on orc locations should be going on 24/7, but of course they still don’t have enough munitions to do so. It must be stepped up massively.
      It also should be made clear that just one more terror attack on civilians will be met with the total destruction of at least one putinazi city.
      No mercy has been given by RuZZia. They deserve to suffer the same death and misery that they inflicted.
      RuZZia must be smashed.

    • Here’s a weird one F1. No idea what to make of this. From the Telegraph today :

      RT’s editor-in-chief says Russians have a ‘moral right to speak out against the war’
      Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of Russia’s state-broadcaster RT, has said on Twitter: “A person has every moral right to be against war.

      “Against wars in general, against any war. And he also has the full moral right to speak out against the war, to express, so to speak, his civic position, like Leo Tolstoy.”

      • Wonder if this evil bitch is angling to give Putler an excuse to pull out or stop this war. Something like the ‘will of the people’ bullshit? I know one thing, I wouldn’t trust her an inch.

  2. I think Zelensky’s remark will be proven wrong.
    I think Crimea has a higher chance of being liberated than the Donbas.

    The Donbas can easily be supplied from Russia, Crimea only by ships if the Kerch Bridge is destroyed.

    And I think there aren’t many soldiers in Crimea as most moved to fight in Donbas or Kherson.

    I think if Kherson is retaken, Crimea will be relatively easy. Harpoons and Neptune can be moved further to the South so the area Russian ships cannot sail will increase. I think next month Ukraine will have new anti air missile systems from the West, which are highly mobile and will deny Russia to use its airforce in Crimea.

    Kherson can be supplied through Crimea and over land to the Mariupol direction, Crimea only has the Kherson bridge. Ukraine already took out some landing ships and Russia cannot move more ships there as Turkey controls the Bosphorus.

    The Donbas has excellent connections with Russia and is flat, so even HIMARS will not be able to stop all supply chains from Russia.

  3. Peacetime for the mafiosi in Crimea is coming to a screeching halt. A new age is dawning. Freedom is on the horizon.

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