Explosions are heard for an hour: a Russian military unit is on fire in Crimea – Chubarov

Ivan Boyko 08:15, 08/16/22 UNIAN

Chubarov added that they got into a cache of ammunition, “the sounds from the explosions roll far across the steppe.”

Videos and photos from the scene of the incident are actively distributed on the Web / social networks
Videos and photos from the scene of the incident are actively distributed on the Web / social networks

A Russian military unit is on fire on Tuesday morning in the village of Qalay (Azov) in the Dzhankoy district in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov on Facebook.

“Report from the temporarily occupied Crimea: a successful hit on the military unit of the orcs in the village of Qalay (now Azov) in the Dzhankoy region. Explosions are heard within an hour,” wrote Chubarov.

He added that they hit an ammunition cache, “the sounds from the explosions roll far across the steppe.”

“The Gauleiter of the occupied Crimea, Aksyonov, urgently went to the village of Mayskoye, Dzhankoy district. The village of Maiskoye is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the village of Qalay / Azovskoye,” he added.

Earlier it became known that on the morning of August 16, explosions thundered in the occupied Crimea . In one area of ​​the peninsula, thick black smoke is visible. According to eyewitnesses, explosions occurred at an electrical substation in the Dzhankoy district. A plume of thick black smoke rose from the object.

At the same time, the people’s deputy from the “European Solidarity” Oleksiy Goncharenko said that the explosions occurred in the village of Azovskoye, Dzhankoy district. According to him, the ammunition depot of the Russian invaders is on fire. 



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  2. Muscovy already have their excuses out, courtesy of their mouthpiece in the West.

    MOSCOW, Aug 16 (Reuters) – A transformer substation caught fire after a blast in the town of Dzhankoi in Crimea, Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency reported on Tuesday citing Crimean law enforcement.

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