About 100 “non-ordinary” occupiers liquidated in Lisichansk: Gaidai – about “bavovna”

After the capture of Lisichansk, it is difficult for Russians to advance in the Luhansk region.

A new "cargo 200" will go to Russia / photo from UNIAN
A new “cargo 200” will go to Russia / photo from UNIAN

As a result of the explosion in the occupied Lisichansk , about a hundred Rashists got to the “concert for Kobzon”.

Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Luhansk OVA, spoke about this .

“In Lisichansk, there are almost a hundred “bags” of non-ordinary soldiers of the 2nd Army Corps. A good trend is Popasnaya, Lisichansk … there will be more. There was a” bavovna” in Lisichansk today. I think that we will still be pleased with information about about 100 dead non-ordinary soldiers of the second army corps of the Russian Federation. These are no longer “Wagnerites”, this is already the regular army of the Russian Federation. According to the “Wagnerians” there are more than a hundred, what happened today (the explosion in Lisichansk – UNIAN) is almost 100,” Gaidai said.

As UNIAN wrote, after the capture of Lisichansk,  it is difficult for Russians to advance  in the Luhansk region. Every kilometer of the Luhansk land submits to the enemy after significant losses.

Recently, Gaidai  confirmed the destruction of the “Wagnerites”  in Popasna.

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