Zelensky says Ukrainian forces will target Russian soldiers based at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant as the West urges Moscow to withdraw amid fears of nuclear catastrophe after rocket attacks



  1. “…the West urges Moscow to withdraw amid fears of nuclear catastrophe after rocket attacks.”

    If all the West can come up with is a lame urge for the cockroaches to leave the NPP, then we know exactly where this will lead to. That’s right, to nowhere. Mafia land has NEVER followed an urge from the West. But, those incoherent, mousy “leaders” in the West haven’t figured this out yet. They still believe that mafia land will quiver and shake with fear with each urging. They will have to come up with something a bit more convincing, especially here, with an unimaginable catastrophe looming on the horizon!

  2. It is bizarre the West is not doing anything about it.

    I think this is way more dangerous than Chernobyls even though VVER reactors are a much better design.
    There are 4 reactors, way more fuel and Chernobyl could be more or less controlled.

    Imagine trying to cover the reactor while it is still a war zone or extinguish the fires.

    Also I don’t get why the West considers itself immune. All it takes is wind for radioactive particles to come to Germany or any other nation.

    I think if this isn’t a reason to send Western troops to end this horror, then nothing will be.

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