The occupying authorities in Crimea demolished service station owned by the Crimean Tatars


Russian occupiers in Crimea have demolished a service station run by Crimean Tatars who had refused to service a Russian military vehicle.

Source: Refat Chubarov, Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, on Telegram

Quote: “Everyone remembers this much discussed story recently in occupied Crimea, when a service station refused to service a military vehicle belonging to the Russian occupiers.

The owners and employees of this service station were Crimean Tatars. The event elicited a wide response not only in occupied Crimea, but also outside it.

The other day, the service station was demolished by the Russian occupiers following trumped-up allegations that it had been built illegally.”

Details: Chubarov added that those guilty of the illegal demolition of the service station would be punished after Crimea has been liberated from the Russian occupiers and its owners would receive compensation “from the occupiers and informers”.


  1. Good people, the Tartars! Jerk ass thugs, the ruskies. The Tatars will get revenge soon. Liberation has already knocked on Crimea’s door.

    • Yes they are! They suffered genocide in WW2 with Stalin’s deportations. After 1992, they stated returning and reclaiming their old ancestral land back. Their businesses were flourishing until 2014. They have been tortured with electricity, “disappeared” and had their homes and business thieved by invader vermin since 2014.
      I am still in touch with one of them. I hope and expect that Tatar battalions will be in the liberation force next year, or hopefully a lot sooner.

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