John Sweeney on “fragile monster”

Discusses what he identifies as the strategy of “slowly boiling the Russian frog.”


  1. John has established strong links with Ukraine and reports regularly from Kyiv. The Ukrainians trust him as a reliable ally.

  2. According to John, the head of the CIA apparently stated to his putlerstani opposite number that any use of nukes; tactical or otherwise, will lead to a massive attack using conventional weapons; on all the key RuZZian military installations.
    No idea if it’s true. Let’s hope so.

  3. It’s useless trying to analyze this evil rat. It offers no solution to know what and why about his defunct brain. We know he’s evil, and he has the means to bring evil horrors to others. This evil must be opposed with any means necessary. This is what needs to be focused on … NOW, not later. Offering even a smidgen of weakness to this demon is a grave mistake. Those who haven’t realized this yet are hopelessly stupid.

    • I think it is worth listening to people like John Sweeney, who has a better understanding than most. In fact I’d go further; if key policy wonks in the US and UK were to sit down with those that know putler, such as Bill Browder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Gary Kasparov, Yulia Tymoshenko, Poro etc, together with top analysts like Brian Whitmore, Mark Galeotti, Edward Lucas, John Sweeney etc, maybe they could come up with some coherent strategies as to how to deal with the nazi demon and his evil cadre of savages?

      • Certainly, you’ve got a point, Scradge. But, I’m old school. I look at what a person does and less what he says during an altercation, thus act accordingly. If someone wants to kick my ass, I won’t try to analyze why he wants to do it, I will kick his ass first. I can analyze the situation afterwards.
        I’m sure various factions across the West have burned the midnight oils in discussing the rat’s motives, his beliefs, his inner workings. This is a common mistake across the West when dealing with criminals. This is one reason why criminals get all the attention while the victims are left out in the cold. Does it solve any problems? No, it does not.
        An action requires a reaction. The stronger the opponent’s action, the stronger should be our reaction. During some point in time, it’s even a good idea to throw some action against the adversary and let HIM react. All we seem to be doing is analyzing, trying to appease, giving the rat an honorable way out, contemplating to force Ukraine to relent for the sake of peace, not giving the victim a free hand to deal with this horde of criminals, why some even accuse the victim of being the perpetrator. This is clearly a black and white situation which requires a black and white solution. We can analyze everything after the fascist-criminal horde has been liquidated.

        • Of course you are right too Frankie Facts.
          Policy 1/ smash the orcs
          Policy 2/ smash putler
          Policy 3/ smash RuZZia: TOTAL trade embargo, including oil and gas, throughout Europe and North America.

          Crush Belarus too with the type of heavy sanctions that might make its military overthrow Luka.
          India : make it a priority to badly hurt their economy until they stop propping up putler.

          But if all or even some of that are to be achieved, they must also formulate the type of highly structured policy that the experts I mentioned above would probably recommend. I am certain that they are all fizzing with ideas.

          • Yes, you’re right, Sir Scradge. I’m also sure that the experts are fizzing with ideas … while their bosses are hiding beneath their desks with soiled panties. 🙄🤡

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