Euronews, financed by the European Commission, broadcasts kremprop and replaces the Goebbells role of RaT.

From the LinkedIn page of Irina Mirochnik.

August 15, 2022

I am sure that in 2022 the #Kremlin’s #bribery of #EU #media has only increased. Here is a good example.
I quote further post Alexander Sokolovsky
Despite the fact that not so long ago broadcasting of the #Russia Today channel was banned in Europe, Euronews copes well with the propaganda functions of the Kremlin.
The coverage of the channel is 248 million households in 135 countries, which significantly exceeds the coverage of competitors (CNN – 118 million, BBC News – 73 million, CNBC – 71 million).

Euronews is headquartered in #Lyon. The staff consists of about 300 permanent employees,

In addition to Media Global Networks (53), NBC News (25%), France Télévisions (10.73%), Italian RAI (9.66%), there are also …
“All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company” (7.17%) 🙈🙈🙈

It is very interesting that #Euronews is #financed only to a small extent by advertising, and the main funding comes from the European Commission !🙈🙈🙈

 The TV channel with the largest coverage continues to fulfill the tasks of the Kremlin #propaganda.
And here is what Alfred Koch, who lives in #Germany, wrote today:
“… I looked at the news of the TV company Euronews in Russian. Oh, … I know that there each language edition writes its own texts for the same video sequence, but I could not even imagine that such their own.
Yes, I know that the entire Russian edition of Euronews is subordinate to the All-Russian State #TV and Radio Broadcasting Company and specifically to Dobrodeev. .. And here is today’s block of news about the war in #Ukraine:
“- The Russian army almost completely captured Bakhmut;

  • As a result of the shelling of Soledar by Russian artillery, two thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died there today;
  • The Ukrainian army continues shelling residential areas of Donetsk;
  • In Mariupol, the restoration of destroyed houses and urban infrastructure is underway. Builders who arrived from Russia, together with local residents, are restoring the city. Russia is allocating billions of rubles to restore normal life in the city;
  • In Berdyansk, the issuance of Russian passports is in full swing. There are queues of people wishing to obtain Russian citizenship at the passport desks.”

I have a question for #officials in #Brussels: … Here you have people in Lyon who, using the #EU signal distribution infrastructure, #broadcast the Kremlin’s narratives without any problems at the largest television company in #Europe. At the same time, they are considered European #journalists
It is as if during #WW2 there was a German editorial office in London, under the complete control of #Goebbels. And every morning: “Guten Morgen! Wir sprechen aus London!” And further – about the victorious Wehrmacht and the chosen race? …
 And #Putin’s spies in the center of EU live in clover and work “according to their profession.”



  1. It’s true. Euronews has been broadcasting pro-Russia shit since well before 2014. Which can be explained by the fact that the EU is run by the Franco-German pro-putler-anti-US-anti-UK-anti-Ukraine alliance.
    This crap can only be dealt with properly by a new trade/military/intel-sharing alliance between the Five Eyes, Japan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Poland and Pribaltika.
    Other, like-minded nations would be free to apply. Unfortunately there are very few of them.

    • They have their choice to get accurate news or fake news, from a trustworthy source or from a place with a reputation of lying. They choose the latter. I don’t understand it either

  2. It’s clear that the editors of this “news” provider either supports this sort of propaganda garbage or are too lazy to proofread the ruskie language version. If the former, what will the EU do about it? If the latter, this is not an SOP of a serious publisher of anything that is written and those responsible should be fired.
    But, we know what Europe harbors these days. It’s home to a large cesspool of liberal, leftist and rightist riffraff, with plenty of chunks of pro-ruskie smut floating amongst them.

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