Armed Forces of Ukraine dealt a serious blow to Putin – Piontkovsky

The Russian publicist commented on the successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of the Wagner PMC in Popasna.

Piontkovsky assessed the consequences of the strike on the Wagner PMC base / video screenshot
Piontkovsky assessed the consequences of the strike on the Wagner PMC base / video screenshot

The success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in destroying the Wagner headquarters in the occupied Popasna (Luhansk region) is a blow to Putin personally, Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky believes.

He said this to Channel 24 .

The expert also commented on the stay of the “Wagnerites” in another part of Ukraine – in the Kherson region. According to him, from a political point of view, it is better for them to be in Kherson, and from a military point of view, they should leave it.

“From a military point of view, it is now expedient for the Russian General Staff to withdraw this group of Wagnerites from the right bank, because it is vulnerable, lacking resources and can be destroyed,” Piontkovsky explained.

According to him, such mistakes were repeatedly made by Hitler in his time. Speaking about the attack on the PMC base in Popasnaya and the possible destruction of its leader Prigozhin, the publicist suggested that this would be a powerful blow for Putin, such as the destruction of the cruiser Moskva or the recent explosions at the airfield in Crimea.

“This is a very serious political blow. Beauty for Putin is like Otto Skorzeny was for Hitler. This is a personal psychological blow,” Piontkovsky said.

According to him, the “Wagnerites” stationed in Popasna could be related to the atrocities against Ukrainian prisoners in Yelenovka.

As UNIAN reported, for the first time, journalist Denis Kazansky announced the attack on the Wagner headquarters in Popasna on the evening of August 14. According to him, the Ukrainian military destroyed the headquarters of Russian mercenaries from Wagner with a precise strike by HIMARS.

This morning, the head of the OVA, Sergei Gaidai  , confirmed the destruction of the “Wagnerites”  in Popasna. He later named the approximate number of militants killed .

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  1. The more personal the losses for the Kremlin rat, the better. Ukraine did a good job, for itself and for humanity, which is much better off with less scum, such as the Wagnerites.

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