A Russian engineer, who surrendered the positions of the Ukrainian troops in Odessa, transferred almost one hundred thousand dollars to the needs of the Armed Forces and… sat down 

The Primorsky District Court of Odesa passed an interesting verdict recently.

He found Denis Azarov, a citizen of the Russian Federation, a leading engineer of the MIFI National Research Nuclear University (Moscow), who currently lives in our city, guilty of unauthorized dissemination of information about the movement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (part two of Article 114-2 of the Criminal Code).

The man, who entered into a plea agreement, was sentenced to two years and six months of imprisonment.

The foreigner was left in the pre-trial detention center, where the accused has been since June 16, until the verdict came into force.

Enumerating mitigating circumstances, the court noted that after the arrest, the Russian transferred $99,993 to the NBU account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is possible that this was part of the deal with the prosecution.


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