Why vladolph putler is ill.

As we all know, for a long time now herr putler is not a well man, I hate to boast but it was me who first broke the news.

Actually, with good news such as this, I do like to boast.

But anyway, I digress.

They say, and whether or not this is true, I really don’t know, but the essence of youth can be obtained from many exotic sources.

At one time Cleopatra herself was said to have bathed in Asses milk.

Several people throughout the years have sworn by the efficacy of Monkey Glands.

I can now exclusively reveal what is the preferred extract of herr putler, although our regular readers will already know this.

The following photo may or may not indicate what that is.


    • You can’t.
      I have posted about 100 prints of that meme to you, to arrive 1 per day so you can’t unsee it.
      You could glue your letterbox closed or shoot your Postman I suppose……

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