“This is already beyond the permissible limits”: a ZNPP employee spoke about the actions of the occupiers at the station

People at the station work under constant shelling.

People at the ZNPP are forced to work in extremely difficult conditions / photo npp.zp.ua
People at the ZNPP are forced to work in extremely difficult conditions / photo npp.zp.ua

ZNPP employees  are under constant pressure as they are forced to work in extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.

This is reported by the Air Force with reference to the engineer of the station.

“People are under constant shelling. And this can play a fatal role. This is not a sausage shop. This is a nuclear facility. What the Russian army is doing here is nuclear terrorism. The condition of the personnel here is beyond acceptable. And “The number of people being evacuated is very high. Now we have about one tenth of the staff from the number that should be. Over the past few weeks, since the shelling began, almost half of the team left,” the engineer noted.

The expert also noted that people are forced to work in extremely difficult conditions.

“Shift changes are now taking place under shelling. At the checkpoint station – shmon and mockery. But we are working further,” the expert said.

At the same time, he noted that as a result of the actions of the invaders, Ukraine could repeat the fate of Fukushima.

“There was a disaster at Fukushima because the earthquake and tsunami disrupted the ability of the reactor to cool. As a result, a steam explosion occurred in the core, the confinement, that is, the sealed zone of the reactor, was destroyed. Radioactive substances got outside. This scenario can be repeated at the ZNPP, but the reasons are “This is not a natural disaster. These are shelling by the Russian army. We have carried out a number of upgrades to prevent the Fukushima scenario at the ZNPP. Half of these security systems are activated thanks to the personnel. And today he is forced to flee Energodar, because in the first place – his own real safety,” he said.

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