Peter Hitchens tells his readers that it is Ukraine that is shelling Zaporizhzhia NPP


August 14, 2022

After 14 years of lying for RuZZia, Hitchens shows no sign of stopping. He claims to be religious, but does not repent, he simply becomes more despicable.

A war in which Ukraine can do no wrong 

Have you noticed how Ukraine and Ukrainians cannot do anything bad? I think President Volodymyr Zelensky is actually quite a decent person. But his attempt to get all Russians banned from travelling to Europe is bigoted and foolish. Russians do not all agree with their government’s stupid, bloody invasion. But Zelensky gets away with this proposal because Ukraine is a sainted nation.

Now we have the weird episode of the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station which has been in Russian hands since they illegally seized it in March.

This, whatever the provocation may be, is an extraordinarily stupid thing for anyone to do. But who is doing it? Well, since the Russian Army is dug in there, it is extremely unlikely that the Russians are doing it.

So who is doing it? Martians? North Koreans? Eskimos? When I put the words ‘Ukrainians shell Zaporizhzhia’ into Google, that search engine responded by saying: ‘No results found for “Ukrainians shell Zaporizhzhia.” ’ Instead I got several accounts of the Russians apparently shelling themselves. The BBC reported online on Friday that the power station had ‘come under heavy fire’. But who from? It is not even stated. Normally reporters are urged to avoid using the passive voice. But for Ukraine, this rule has been suspended.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International, once revered by liberal global opinion, has made a cringing apology for a report in which it pointed out (as far as I know accurately) that Ukrainian troops had been sheltering in civilian buildings. Who really doubts it? Troops do this, even if they are not supposed to.

But Amnesty now says it ‘deeply regrets the distress and anger that our press release on the Ukrainian military’s fighting tactics has caused’. This is ridiculous. If news is reduced to childish one-sided propaganda, how can the citizens of adult democracies possibly make serious decisions about which policy we should follow?


  1. Ukraine is suffering from genocide inflicted by a nazi regime, yet the venomous Hitchens continues his job as he sees it: to get the pigs that read his columns to hate Ukraine and admire putler. He’s had many years to do it and has succeeded, judging from the putler jackboot licker comments that appear from his readers. He used to engage with me; referring to me as a “Ukraine propagandist.” Oh the irony!
    But now I am unofficially banned. I can still comment on other Mail articles, where I try to point out that Hitchens is a putler shill. Occasionally they get past the mods.
    Why does all this matter? Because the Mail is the biggest English language news site in the world, making huge profits from ad revenue alone.

    • Because he has been on the Mail staff for almost as long as putler has been on the kremlin murder gang and is popular. The Mail also publishes excellent articles by pro-Ukraine authors such as Mark Almond and Edward Lucas, in an attempt to appear even-handed, but it’s not acceptable.
      About one third of commenters on related articles are pro-putler. An absurdly high amount. Some are Savushkina scum, many are Faragistas and assorted conspiracy theorist vermin, including a lot of trumpoids who love fucking putler. (The Mail is a big site in the US).

      • Thanks for the explanation. I read the Mail and although I’m a big 1st amendment guy, Hitchens is still disgusting. But I can say the same about others like Carlson.

        • Carlson is a snickering, sinister lowlife who has captured the market for “Trump lovers for putler.” He is the biggest and most dangerous putlerite in America, apart from Trump himself.
          Hitchens on the other hand is highly intelligent, very sly and is always careful with his words. He is a total putlerite, but is far more subtle than Karlsonov.

        • Should a major news outlet allow some sack of shite like Peter Hitchens to spew lies and hatred like he does regularly? Don’t they realize that they carry a great responsibility in society, and that poisoning this society has nothing to do with freedom of speech? To me, freedom of speech is a valuable asset in our free society, however, this should not be abused for supporting criminal entities and should not contain blatant lies and propagate hatred to anyone who is innocent. Stooping to such a low level degrades any news site.

          • There needs to be a statement and it has to come jointly from the governments of Ukraine, the US, UK, Poland and Pribaltika, because no one else will do it. It has to say (or words to the effect) that :
            “By its own words and deeds, the government of Russia is prosecuting a savage and merciless war of genocide. The tools that it uses for this war are deliberate firing on civilians; a list follows of all establishments such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, churches, plus private homes, apartment complexes etc that have been destroyed; they all amount to genocide), plus terror, torture, rape, destruction, theft and deception.
            Accordingly, all public figures, politicians, journalists and media figures who promote hatred and lies in support of the Russian war effort are guilty of aiding and abetting genocide and will be charged and interred at least for the duration of the war. Their property and assets will be seized and used to help Ukraine defend itself from genocide.”
            Hitchens, Karlsonov, Gabbard, the Pauls, JeremIRA CorbLenin, Trump, Farage, Delingpole etc would be at the top of the list.

        • Sir OFP as much as I may agree I think the overriding and main principle is freedom of the press. Otherwise you end up like Russia.

          • We’d have to go much further than suppressing lies and hate speeches to equal mafia land. There is freedom of speech and there is lying and propagating hate. The only problem with this is who defines a lie and hate speech? Sometimes this is easy and sometimes this is difficult. When the case is clear that a lie is being told or hate is encouraged, a stop to it must be put in place. Another point is that no entity is allowed to have unlimited power. Being able to lie and propagate hate is a form of unlimited power. This cannot be tolerated. There must be a clever solution to achieve a fine balance. Are we not intelligent enough to achieve this? If not, we’re no better than mafia land, but in the other extreme end of this golden middle.

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