In Russia, they “blabbed” why their army is destroying Ukrainian cities (video)

The invaders blame the “spirit of Bandera” for everything.

Mariupol destroyed by the Russians / photo of the city council
Mariupol destroyed by the Russians / photo of the city council

The Russian occupation army deliberately destroys Ukrainian cities during a full-scale war unleashed on February 24.

This was admitted by a politician from the Russian Federation, a member of the For Truth party Alexander Kazakov, who previously worked in Donetsk as the curator of the ex-leader of the DPR Zakharchenko. Journalist Denis Kazansky drew attention to his statement in his video blog .

Kazakov did not even deny the destructive actions of the invaders in Ukraine and the destruction of settlements where civilians live.

“Due to the fact that our army is anti-fascist – it breaks, passing through, not only state, but also social institutions. It simply breaks everything. Because everything that was there, from municipalities to schools, nurseries, including music and sports, is everything is permeated with the spirit of Bandera … The Russian army leaves the bare steppe behind it, despite the fact that there are cities and people there,” he said.

In this context, Kazansky recalled one of the many cynical statements made by dictator Putin, in which he promised “not to leave Donbass no matter what.”

“Well, not bad help to Donbass. I think it will be especially interesting for its inhabitants to learn about the true plans and goals of Russia,” the journalist says.

On the eve, following the results of the intercepted negotiations of the occupiers, it became known that after the removal of restrictions on selection into the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation , only one “trash” began to come there .

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  1. Mafia land is completely awash with cynical, hypocritical lying filth, from top to bottom. I wager that no other people in the history of humanity were ever so thoroughly brainwashed as the ruskie sheep of today.

    Just think about it for a moment: Even if what they claim about Ukraine was true – they are Banderites, even neo-Nazis – they still lived in peace with their neighboring countries, and many religions and ethnicities coexist in Ukraine without any conflicts with one another. But, according to mafia land, it is better to murder these people, to rape women and little children? To level entire cities? To burn their crops? To block grain shipments to the hungry across this world? To torture and to steal? All this is better than what I described above? Does this make any sense?
    But, the fact is, that their perception of Ukraine is wholly wrong and only serves to give them an excuse to commit the most severe crimes in their most evil effort to erase this nation, its people and culture from the face of this planet.

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