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Aug 14, 2022

Amnesty International has agreed to conduct an independent evaluation of their scandalous report and the procedures that lead to it. They started to admit that something went wrong. I feel in the coming weeks we will find out a lot of interesting things.

Amnesty International needs to be held accountable, because what they have done is criminal! Therefore, I call on all my friends, colleagues and connections to: (1) Demand official apology and retraction of the report; (2) Demand resignation of Agnes Callamard and Donatella Rovera; (3) Stop any funding of Amnesty International.


  1. Only the frank admission of promoting genocide is acceptable. The naming of all the putlerite communists, freaks and haters of Ukraine is essential, plus their sacking without pension and a criminal investigation.
    AmneZty must be completely crushed, like the putler murder gang it has worked so hard for.

  2. Once an organization like AI pursues a political agenda instead of a humanitarian one, it disqualified itself immediately and thoroughly. Its credibility is severely damaged. The need for it is extinguished. It’s a good idea to take a grain of salt with every report or article, but what AI has committed with this latest report requires more than that. You must view everything they say, from now on, as a lie until proven as fact, just like statements and reports that come from the crime syndicate. Thus, the value of any future report tends to be about zero for the average person.

    • Sir OFP you are so right. Trust is hard to get get but easy to destroy. I don’t trust them anymore. It’ll be a long time before I consider them a serious org

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