A resident of the Kherson region spoke about leaving the occupation: “In the middle of the field, even children were undressed”

The invaders forced children and adults to take off all their clothes even in winter.

The family made the decision to evacuate at the end of February / photo Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.
The family made the decision to evacuate at the end of February / photo Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

A resident of the Kherson region spoke about leaving the occupation. The woman managed to escape with her husband, son and little brother. They saw what the invaders were doing and how they were killing people. And when the family was leaving, the rashists forced them to undress in the middle of the field, then it was February, the military of the Russian Federation did not spare even children.

The woman told about this “24 channels” for the project “their own”.

The family made the decision to evacuate at the end of February. Then the invaders were already shooting cars with people.

“It doesn’t matter if you have “children” written on the glass, if there is a white flag. It was selectively chaotic, they did what they wanted. After the incident with dad, we realized that it was dangerous to stay, we had to go. The child is small, constant tears, stress. There were no checkpoints back then, but they sat in ambush, were hidden somewhere between the trees – so that they were not visible, but so that they could see the cars that were driving, “the woman recalled.

She and her husband decided to go to Krivoy Rog, and their neighbors also went with them. The family was evacuated through the fields, traveling in one car. The woman said that they decided not to drive along the highway, because it could make them a “target” for the occupiers.

“We realized that they had already developed a certain mode of shelling. If it’s quiet at night, then they will shoot during the day and vice versa. We focused on this quiet time in order to slip through. We jumped into the car in what we were sitting in. I grabbed a small backpack and documents. We took a bottle of one and a half liter water for six and biscuits for the children to eat.The road was terrible, we spent the night in the field under the shelling of “Gradov”, – said a resident of the Kherson region, who managed to leave.

During the evacuation, the family stumbled upon the Russians in a field near a village. They saw from a distance that the Rashists had taken to the road with machine guns. The Russian military checked the entire car. They stripped men down to underpants and socks, looking for tattoos. Rashists forced even women and children to undress.

“They almost looked into his mouth. The little one is 3 years old, and my brother is 13. And what can a child or a mother show. And then, at gunpoint, they forced us to undress in the middle of the field in February. It seemed that they would fire an automatic burst after them. But we drove a little, without provoking. Therefore, compared to other people, we still left well and easily, “the woman shared her painful memories.

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  1. “Rashists forced even women and children to undress.”

    Pure provocation. Nothing but mind games by the cockroaches to make life miserable, or more miserable than it already is under mafia occupation.

  2. Even Tolkien’s orcs had better manners, lineage, and upbringing than the demons these people had to face.

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