Trap Near Kherson: 20,000 Russian Army Beginning To Starve

The enemy grouping on the right bank of the Dnieper was cut off from supplies.


After targeted strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on all bridges connecting the right and left banks of the Kherson region, the Russian invaders on the right bank were left without reinforcements. They cannot receive food, weapons, or fresh manpower.

Attacks on bridges, together with the systematic destruction of warehouses and stocks of the invaders both in the back and on the front line, are the beginning of the first stage of the liberation of the Kherson region. This was announced on the air of a nationwide telethon by Kherson politician Serhiy Khlan.

He recalled that the right and left banks of Kherson are connected by three crossings: the Antonivka railway bridge and Antonivka road bridge, as well as the bridge on the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. When all three were damaged by Ukrainian artillery, the occupiers transferred equipment, weapons and food along the reserve bridge at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. The other day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine put it out of action. Now the invaders on the right bank of the Kherson region found themselves in a very difficult situation.

“Now it is no longer possible to transfer either heavy equipment, or weapons, or even food from the left bank, and, accordingly, from the Crimea and the Russian Federation closer to the front line, in order to reinforce the front line of the occupiers from the side of Kherson. The Armed Forces of Ukraine made it impossible for them to supply weapons,” Khlan said.

He added that shortly before the accurate strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the bridges, the invaders boasted that they had transferred a significant number of battalion tactical groups to the right bank of the Kherson region, and formed a large group of manpower of more than 20 thousand invaders. Now the invaders are faced with a dilemma: how to feed this horde.

“Cutting off the supply routes for arms and weapons makes them incapable of combat, this time. And secondly, this large number of people need to be fed. Even those remarks that the Kherson region will feed, one must understand that after all, 20 thousand people is a lot — and it is unrealistic to feed them with vegetables, on which people in the occupation survive in the summer. The very supply of food is one of the most significant elements of the combat capability of the army. The Russian army cannot receive dry rations or any other food today. And this weakens the morale of the occupiers, which they had none of anyway,” Khlan stressed.

In addition, the invaders on the right bank of Kherson cannot now count on even minimal reinforcements.

“Today, the enemy is already on the right bank without the possibility of reinforcements. And what our aviation and armed forces are doing, destroying field warehouses and supplies that the occupier has on the right bank, when artillery destroys rear supplies, and front-line aviation — all in a complex, this is actually the turning point of hostilities in the south of Ukraine. This is actually the beginning of the de-occupation of the Kherson region,” the politician stressed.

British intelligence spoke about the consequences of the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on bridges in the Kherson region. Like Khlan, British intelligence officers state that the fire control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over bridges in the temporarily occupied Kherson region does not allow Russian troops to significantly replenish their reserves. Even if repaired, the bridges will remain a key weak spot for the enemy.

On August 12, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the last bridge in the Kherson region, depriving the invaders of the opportunity to transfer equipment.


  1. “The Russian army cannot receive dry rations or any other food today. And this weakens the morale of the occupiers, which they had none of anyway.”

    This sentence is not only pretty funny, but also very true. Going hungry is sure to give no warm and no fuzzy feelings, even for orcs.

    • So what are they going to do? They’ll starve to death. And if they try and repair the bridges I’m sure the Ukranian forces know what to do – just hit again. Good job. Time for Putler to say: I give up!

  2. I’m sure the AFU “kitchen” can serve the orcs some nice lead, smoke, dust and shards to eat. Then tuck them in with black plastic “blankets” for their dirt nap.

  3. I say fuck them, let them starve until they eat each other.

    Payback for Holodomor.

  4. Putin has Ukraine reight where he wants them; Putin bent over a desk, his pants down and Zelensky standing behind him.
    I am sure this is all according to his plan.

  5. My concern is the civilian population. If food is scarce the Russians will ensure that they get what is available. Then there is shelling from the other side of the river, the Russians will claim that they are attacking the UAF to justify flattening the city. Both issues mean the civilian population is in for a very hard time.

    The Russians were in a similar position at Stalingrad and they managed to re supply across the river and they won there. Let us hope that help from the civilian population and precision guided munitions will help here and force the Russians out of the west side or the Dnipro.

    • The civilians have been urged to leave the area for weeks now. I’m sure that many have, and those who wanted or had to remain will have made preparations for the upcoming battle. I know that many will still die and get hurt, but this is not completely avoidable. People are living in harsh times already, and some get killed and tortured on a daily basis anyhow. The orcs must be ousted from Kherson. Only this is important now.
      The Red Army cannot be compared to the orc army by any means except their mutual brutality.

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