On a scale from 0 to 10, the effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is 12, – the defenders of Ukraine are amazed at the Pentagon


The Pentagon is passionate about the effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Collage 24 channels

The whole world is fascinated by the Ukrainian military. For almost six months they courageously and selflessly oppose the Russian army. And they do it very effectively.


If at the beginning of a full-scale invasion of our state, few believed, now the balance of power has changed significantly. And precisely because of this, international partners are providing us with more and more weapons in order to defeat Russia.

occupiers are under constant pressure

One of the officials in The Pentagon noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already achieved considerable success. Our military managed to recapture a number of territories occupied by the enemy. And this is just the beginning.

He also noted that the Russians are under great pressure in temporarily occupied Kherson. In particular, we are talking about destroyed bridges that the enemy used to cross. The Armed Forces of Ukraine not only destroy the ammunition of the invaders, but also do everything possible so that the enemy literally does not have where their children are.

He also did not ignore the explosions at the Saki airfield in Novofedorovka. A high-ranking official noted that it is not known for certain what caused the “pop”. But he can say unequivocally that this had a very negative impact on Russian aviation, as well as the amount of ammunition.

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The effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is simply going through the roof

While Russia is chaotically shelling Ukraine, killing civilians in our country, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are effectively using weapons provided by international partners. And that is why the enemy not only suffers considerable losses, but also loses the motivation to fight. Aggravating the oppression of the enemy is the fact that he has less and less ammunition, and command posts turn into ashes.

Summing up, official rated the effectiveness of the Armed Forces on a scale from 0 to 10. In his opinion, our military deserve 12 points, because in these almost six months they have amazed the entire civilized world.

If we have already started talking about the losses of the enemy, then we will go through them in more detail. Thus, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, more than 40,000 infidels have joined the ranks of the “two hundredth”.

There are fewer and fewer Russians every day

Since February 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have managed to eliminate 43,400 Russian invaders. Over the past day, this figure was replenished by 200 infidels, who were given tickets to the “kobzon concert”.

In addition, the number of enemy equipment has significantly decreased. Now the enemy is equipped with 1,855 tanks, 4,115 armored combat vehicles, 978 artillery systems, 261 MLRS, 136 units of air defense systems and 91 units of special equipment.

233 aircraft, 193 helicopters, 779 UAVs have also been turned into scrap metal operational-tactical level, 187 cruise missiles, 15 ships and 3,036 vehicles and tankers.


  1. I’ll say it again; Ukraine’s armed forces has moved up to be one of the very best on this planet. No sane person can deny this fact. I’m glad that our Pentagon sees it this way. These men and women deserve this compliment 100%.

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