Melitopol Mayor: Russian proxy badly injured in guerrilla attack

August 12, 2022

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said on Aug. 12 that one of the heads of the election headquarters of United Russia, Russia’s ruling party, Oleg Shostak, was severely injured in an attack in Russian-occupied Melitopol. He was blown up, but survived. According to Fedorov, Shostak was head of the propaganda department. “The hunt for collaborators preparing for the pseudo-referendum has begun,” the mayor added.


  1. I need to commend the mayor. He seems to have never given up and is always fighting. It’s heroes like that who inspire Ukrainians throughout the world. Thank You.

  2. These traitors have no idea what they are getting into. Nobody trusts a traitor, if you can betray your own country, you will betray anyone. Once the shit hits the fan, these traitors will be discarded by muscovy like last weeks stale bread.

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