Schools in Kyiv completely abandoned the Russian language

The Russian language will disappear from the capital’s schools on September 1.

Schools in the capital will no longer study Russian \ photo from UNIAN
Schools in the capital will no longer study Russian \ photo from UNIAN

In the schools of  Kiev  in the new academic year, they decided to completely abandon the Russian language.

This is  stated  in the response of the Department of Education and Science of the Kiev City State Administration, which was published by a public figure, international lawyer Andrei Smolii.

“In the new academic year, school programs do not provide for the teaching of subjects in Russian and the study of the Russian language as a subject, or optional,” the document says.

“In Kiev, schools  will no longer study the language of the occupier, and there will also be no teaching of Moscow … I hope it will be so.  From September 1, we will monitor the situation,” he commented on the decision of the Kiev authorities.

Telegram channel Andrey Smoliy
Telegram channel Andrey Smoliy

As UNIAN reported earlier, on July 25, the authorities of the Lviv region decided to cancel classes  with the Russian language of instruction  in schools

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  1. This is normal after Maidan. How many languages do the children need to learn? They obviously need Ukrainian and English so studying Russian would be like studying Portuguese. I would suggest some study Russian in the University and in the military though, we still need to intercept their nazi plans which will probably never go away.

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