Scholz rejects calls for EU ban on tourist visas for Russians

From the LinkedIn page of Stephanie Brandt

Scholz rejects calls for Eu ban on tourist visas for russians.

Mr. Scholz, do you really want to deny that russia is committing genocide in Ukraine ? How many russians do you think willingly cooperate in the 18 filtration camps identified today ? How many russians do you think take active part in the deporation of up to 2 Million Ukrainians ? How many russians do you think are involved in human trafficking of Ukrainian refugees ? Do you look away from these facts Mr. Scholz so that you can claim that ‘you didn’t know about that’? This will not work.
Again you choose to go your own way in your appeasement of Putin. Already Germany is loosing reputation and respect in the EU community becaus of your tactics and you are only making it worse.







  1. Banning all Russians from entry into Europe and North America, which I and others have advocated since 2014, is the only way to go.
Scholz is a sly bastard who does just enough to avoid being called a RuZZian agent, so he’s merely a RuZZia enabler. Merkel and Schroder are RuZZian agents:

  2. Scholz is like the many other skid marks, dingle berries, tampon tasters, anus chewers, shit nuggets, fart catchers, spittle sippers, ass goblins, bugger gourmets and ass wipes, who waste their lives and totally degrade themselves by catering to the fascist-communist-crime syndicate in the Kremlin.

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