Yesterday’s article about Gen Marchenko had some good comments. There was a really good exchange between a verminous kremtroll named Bishadi and an excellent new (to me) commenter named Zakharova’s Pack of Cigs.

It was a classic of its type; the kremtroll deployed all the usual tactics : deflection, toxic anti-semitism, lies, conspiracy theories etc. Zakharova’s pack of Cigs is a good anti-kremtroll. I recommend the comments.


  1. The kremlin shills are employing a new tactic of adopting western names.

    On quora yesterday I posted an answer to one of the shill questions, they are not really questions, they are just lies wrapped as questions.

    Basically it tried to suggest that Slava Ukraine (sic) was a nazi cry, Bandera was a nazi, Ukraine hated and persecuted Black and Jewish people.

    The reply from the wankstain was that I didn’t know, because I had never been to Ukraine, didn’t know who Bandera was, finishing by calling me a ‘Bellend’

    I am still amazed by how ignorant some people can be when they try.

    • If he used “bellend” as a pejorative, unfortunately it would appear he is English. Probably a kremkipper or a Corbynista.

      • Very possibly, which makes it even more sad and pathetic. Another useful idiot if so.

        Mind you, the children are on summer holiday so we should expect an increase in trolling.

        • Yeah, and limits itself to 2 articles a day. I notice Euromaidanpress seem to be struggling. Their articles are now nothing more than a headline and a small paragraph.

    • I found the ‘question’.

      Why do people keep shouting Slava Ukraine when this is the motto of the Ukrainian Nazi movement in WW2 and the Banderists? Do black or Jewish people saying this realise Ukraine would exterminate them?

  2. Jew-hatred, genocide and genocide denial are the hallmarks of the putinazis; the worst people who have ever lived on this planet.
    The Azov Battalion, which consists of people from the Azov region, is highly representative of Ukraine and Ukraine’s armed forces as a whole. It contains Ukrainians, Russians, Krymchak Jews, Azov Greeks, Tatars, Chechens, Azeris, Catholics, Protestants etc.
    We should all acknowledge this fact when we consider Ukraine. It is not a homogeneous society. Some ethnologists visited the city of Mykolaiv a few years ago. They recorded 100 ethnicities there. I will try to find the article. But just from memory, there are Ukrainians, Koreans, Armenians, Bulgarians, Russians, Azeris, Georgians, Yazidis, Jews, Germans, Romanians, Gypsies (known as Tsegani and well-integrated), Turks, Kurds, Chinese, Africans, Belarusians, Krym Tatars, Cossacks, Uzbeks, Rusyns and many others.
    All of the above (obviously not Africans or Chinese) fight for Ukraine and must all be respected. There is even an Afghan in the regular army who has worked his way up to an officer role.

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