Satellite photos of destroyed planes in Saki

Translated into English from Ukrainian

Satellite photos of the Saka air base in Crimea after numerous explosions on August 9 have appeared , showing several large craters and the remains of destroyed combat aircraft.

Photo of the air base before the explosions on August 9:

Photo of the day after the incident at the base, August 10:

Photo of one of the objects of the airbase on August 9:

The same object after the damage in the photo from August 10:

You can also see that the explosions at the air base caused a large fire:

From the photo, it can be concluded that high-precision weapons were used to strike the occupying military base.

We will remind that the American edition of The New York Times, citing a high-ranking Ukrainian military officer, reported that the attack on the Russian air base near Novofedorivka in the territory of the occupied Crimea was carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using weapons “exclusively of Ukrainian production”.

“It was an air base that routinely took off planes for attacks against our forces in the southern theater,” the official said on condition of anonymity. He did not disclose the type of weapon that was used in the attack, noting only that “only Ukrainian-made weapons were used.”

The 43rd Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Air Force is based at the airfield. Su-24M, Su-30SM and Su-33 aircraft were located there. Immediately after the incident, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that “no one was injured at the airfield, the aircraft equipment was not damaged.”

At the same time, today, the Air Force Command reported that at least 9 Russian fighters and bombers were destroyed at the airfield.


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