Latvia recognized Russia as a sponsor of terrorism: hysteria in the Russian Foreign Ministry

The Latvian legislators in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation were called “neo-Nazis”.

Zakharova accused Latvia of neo-Nazism / REUTERS
Zakharova accused Latvia of neo-Nazism / REUTERS

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, scandalously reacted to the decision of Latvia , which recognized the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Zakharova published her reaction on Telegram .

“Given that there is no texture other than animal xenophobia under this decision, it is necessary to call ideologues nothing more than neo-Nazis,” she said video

Zakharova also recalled her comment of August 8, in which she called the then intention to declare Russia a sponsor of terrorism “another hostile act of Latvian legislators.”

“The pathological Russophobia of the ruling elite of Latvia has already caused serious economic and social problems in this Baltic country, brought down the standard of living of its population,” she wrote then.

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    • So, in the life of Zak-whore-ova, making a political decision makes you a neo-nazi and it constitutes a hostile act and sanctions on her country full of war criminals is not hurting them but Latvia.

      …where’s my vodka?…….

    • It’s disgraceful when one of the smallest EU countries has to show the WH the way forward, someone needs to wake Biden up out of his slumber.

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