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There is a country in Europe where a private postal company works so well that you can receive anything anywhere is maximum 2 days, and in many delivery/forwarding offices of this company you find changing rooms to try and eventually refuse your purchases.

There is a country in Europe where you can transfer money from one bank account to another by mobile phone, in a few second, without sending IBAN and waiting for 24 hours to receive the funds.

There is a country where you have fast internet everywhere, extremely cheap and where you get connected immediately without burocracy and contracts and bullshit of the kind.

There is a country where foodstores and shops work 7 days a week and you don’t have to hurry or worry for not being in time.

In this country most of the burocracy has been simplified and you can do almost everything online, from driving license to passport, and when you really need it you go to Service Centers which look like spaceships and everything works faster than light.

Well, this country has its small disadvantages, of course, no one is perfect. In example, now it is engaged in a war thanks to russia and its servants.
The Best Youth of this country is fighting to defend the homeland, and staying here you risk to get bombed by some random strike of the denazificators from bashkiria, hunting for washing machines and toilets.

This country is also misunderstood and secretely hated by Europeans, because it seems to be full of nazi, and because of them gas prices soar, streets are full of noisy refugees , and the European goverments are obliged to give them a free train ticket.
Also strangely, these nazis bomb their own cities on daily basis just to enjoy themselves, according to what the European tv channels say.

This country is obviously Ukraine. And trust me, you would be amazed of how it works efficiently, how its citizens can smile in spite of the everyday tragedies and how you can breath freedom here, yes! freedom! more than in the decadent, hysteric old Europe.
One day, Ukraine will take Europe by hand and driving it to a new renaissance.
Not yet, but soon.
Slava Ukraini!


    • Also, Georgia is amazingly beautiful, has great culture, great food, great wine and lovely people. Recommended!
      Also I love Malta and Cyprus. They are very comfortable for me, being part of the British commonwealth. Alas, shitty governments there have let in lots of filthy putinazi criminals. Cyprus has at last decided to put a stop to it.

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