From the LinkedIn page of Elena Smolina

Aug 11

“But Rovera was insistent that this military presence in a populated area was a “violation of international humanitarian law”’. When I pressed her on how the Ukrainian Army was supposed to defend a populated area, she said that it was irrelevant.

By that logic, I continued, Ukraine would have to abandon the major locations such as the city of Kharkiv. “Well, they must avoid as far as possible taking positions in a populated area,” she replied. “International humanitarian law is very clear on this.”

I suggested her coming Amnesty International report would be received badly if it failed to differentiate between defensive and offensive operations in urban areas. But it appeared the authors’ minds had been made up: Ukraine was endangering its own civilians by the mere act of attempting to defend its cities.”

I am sorry, but can this person be 1) formally and officially forbidden to make any public comments on Ukraine whatsoever, 2) dismissed from her current post, 3) subjected to the detailed audit of the donors’ funds that might have gone into her personal account?

Asking this as a UKRAINIAN CIVILIAN who is by now quite worried by the damage done by Donatella Rovera, Agnes Callamard, and their glaringly unprofessional meddling in the matters of our life and death.

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