Fences And Stones As an Alternative For Active Protection On russia’s Tanks: What’s In the Reactive Armor Containers

Tankers of the russian army protect their tanks literally with everything they find, realizing that it is the only thing they can hope for

russian tank operators introduced a mass practice of additionally protecting their tanks. They resort to anything that can at least somehow create the illusion of an additional armor.

These sandbags or nets with stones are the result of simple ignorance, however there’s one more explanation.

The fact is that russia’s tank operators can realize that their tanks are not protected by dynamic protection properly. Evidence of this is a video shared by the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It contains a brief overview of containers with dynamic protection of the T-80BVM tank with dynamic protection Relikt with 4S23 elements.

As it turned out, they are not filled with special elements capable of destroying the cumulative jet, but with rubber, cardboard or something similar.

At the same time, the 4S23 should look the following way: a metal plate that is filled with an explosive substance.

Containers for dynamic protection on the sides of the turret also turned out to be empty.

One more fact draws Defense Express attention: the simulation of exactly upper protection has been made. At the same time, not at the hand-made level, but at a completely industrial level. So, it cannot be creativity on the spot, but rather indicates the original performance of the elements.

Taking into account the large-scale modernization of tanks in the russian federation through the installation of a new dynamic protection, which involves the use of dozens of sections for them on each machine, this fake protection makes it easy to put in the pockets of huge funds for everyone involved in such a “plan”.



  1. Monumental corruption in an industrial scale has rendered many mafia weapons more dangerous to the users than to the enemy. It’s safe to assume that everything they bragged about, regarding their super-duper, hyper-diaper weaponry, are mostly science fiction fantasies.

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