Zhdanov answered with what weapons the Armed Forces of Ukraine could hit Crimea

The day before, an enemy air base in the occupied Novofedorivka came under attack.

"Hlopki" in Crimea / photo from social networks
“Hlopki” in Crimea / photo from social networks

The Armed Forces of Ukraine could attack the Russian air base in the occupied Novofedorivka (Crimea) with a Harpoon anti-ship missile or long-range ATACMS, the delivery of which from the United States has not yet been officially confirmed.

This assumption was made by military expert Oleg Zhdanov during a live broadcast with Mark Feigin.

Zhdanov clarified: despite the fact that Harpoon is an anti-ship complex, it still has the ability to hit ground targets.play video

“The second option is ATACMS,” the expert said.

According to him, during the fourth meeting of the heads of the Defense Ministry at the Ramstein base, it was decided not to disclose the entire list of weapons supplied to Ukraine by the West. 

“It is quite possible that this could be such an unpleasant surprise for the Russian troops,” Zhdanov added.

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  1. At he end it does not matter……………….main thing is the base is gone. Now the HQ of the Russian Black Sea Fleet…………………….and other bases in Crimea………….

  2. We’ll find out soon enough which weapon the Ukrainians used. The important thing is the destruction of the cockroaches and their material.

    • Not to mention the psychological effect on the orcs and the holidaymakers there. I’m sure russians are not stupid enough to go on vacation in a war zone.

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