Satellite images show scale of destruction on Russian military base in Crimea

Satellite images confirm that at least ten Russian warplanes were destroyed in massive explosions Tuesday at an air base in Crimea.

Ukrainian Open-source-intelligence (OSINT) specialist has released high-resolution satellite images confirming that Russian military aircraft were destroyed at a major Russian base in Crimea.

A comparison of August 9th and August 10th imagery shows many destroyed military aircraft and destroyed buildings.

Ukraine stopped short of publicly claiming responsibility for the explosions at the Saki air base, even while ridiculing Russia’s denial of an attack. Moscow claimed that munitions caught fire and exploded, killing one person and injuring at least 13 others.

Russia’s Defense Ministry denied the Saki base on the Black Sea had been shelled and said instead that munitions had blown up there.

Russia’s state news agency Tass quoted an unidentified ministry source as saying the explosions’ primary cause appeared to be a “violation of fire safety requirements.” The ministry said no warplanes were damaged.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said sarcastically on Facebook: “The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine cannot establish the cause of the fire, but once again recalls the rules of fire safety and the prohibition of smoking in unspecified places.”

The Ukrainian air force says nine Russian warplanes were destroyed in massive explosions Tuesday at an air base in Crimea.

Let me be the first one.

And yeah, what air defence doing?

Burn, Russians, burn.

— Kriegsforscher (@OSINTua) August 10, 2022

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    • Yeah, those massive holes under what used to be warplanes didn’t suddenly appear over night because some dog was burying a bone, lol….maybe the new Iranian satellite will show the Occupiers what happened.

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