Live Russia-Ukraine war: Ukrainian special forces ‘carried out daring Crimea airbase attack’ behind enemy lines

10 AUGUST 2022 •

Ukrainian special forces were behind the daring attack on a Russian airbase 125 miles into occupied Crimea, according to a Kyiv official.

The official, speaking to the Washington Post, did not disclose how the strike on Tuesday was carried out. A US official told the newspaper that Ukrainian forces appeared to have carried out the attack without using a weapon provided by Washington.

Another anonymous Ukrainian official told the New York Times that partisan resistance fighters had been behind the attack in Crimea. 

Earlier in the near six-month war, Ukrainian special forces have been known to launch covert attacks in occupied areas, supported by partisans and sympathetic locals.

Witnesses reported at least 12 explosions at Moscow’s Novofedorivka facility near the Black Sea resort of Saki in an attack that killed at least one, injured nine and damaged several Russian aircraft.

Some military analysts investigating the strike believe Ukraine could have used a repurposed Neptune anti-ship missile, which are made domestically, to hit Russia munitions and fuel dumps at the facility.


  1. How embarrassing. The orcs must be that short of men, they have nobody to guard the base, or are that arrogant they thought Ukraine wouldn’t dare attack it.

  2. We almost have heard all possible scenarios about what carried out the Crimean attack, including the cockroach’s unlikely spontaneous combustion. Regardless how, I just want to see more explosions and destruction of their material. The more, the better!

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