Another Strike on a Dam in Southern Ukraine Completely Disables russian Supplies in the Area (Video)

In one more series of precise strikes, Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to deny any remaining supply chains over the Dnipro River in the South

Operational Command “South” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported another strike on the dam in Nova Kakhovka. This is the place where one of the few bridges connecting the banks of Dnipro River is located to maintain stable supplies of the russian occupation forces in Kherson, the largest city claimed by russia so far.

In the previous strike, the railway bridge was damaged the most, and the new one made the road bridge significantly damaged as well.

“Our fire control of the transport and logistical routes in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region resulted in the bridge near Kakhovka HPP secure its status as unusable,” the spokesman of the southern command reports. “The hit was careful but effective.”


  1. Not only the bridge was attacked, but looks like the orcs lost quite a lot of equipment too. Must be the work of those pesky HIMARS again.

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