A military expert described how exactly the Armed Forces of Ukraine could hit the airfield in the Crimea

Similar strikes are likely to be repeated in the future, Zhovtenko said.

Translated from Ukrainian on Unian

The strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the airfield in Novofedorivka (Crimea) could have been delivered from the occupied territory. In the future, such “claps” may be repeated, military expert Taras Zhovtenko believes.

He stated this to Apostrophe .

According to the expert, yesterday’s strike fits into the logic chosen by the Ukrainian army a few weeks ago.

“This is a tactic of consistently delivering strikes on logistics and military facilities in the rear of the Russian troops. Where the Ukrainian military can reach. Here you need to understand one more thing: what we see on the maps, these lines of demarcation, in reality everything is completely different “Firstly, these lines do not exist in reality, of course. Secondly, the Russian military did not line up along these lines,” Zhovtenko explained.

The expert predicted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take advantage of the mobility of artillery and the relevance of intelligence in the future. According to him, our defenders understand where they can penetrate the occupied territory, shoot back and quickly leave it.

“Therefore, in principle, as I understand it, the further they go, the more they will enjoy such advantages. Firstly, mobility. Secondly, an understanding of the movement and how the Russians are located in those territories that they conditionally control so far,” – said the specialist.

Attacks on targets on the peninsula, he believes, weaken the enemy’s ability to reinforce and reinforce the grouping in southern Ukraine.

“Yesterday, there was literally information that again a huge amount of Russian equipment was seen in the north of the peninsula, which the Russians are trying to transfer to strengthen the southern direction. Just like the stationary objects of the Russians, these accumulations of military equipment are also potential targets for strikes,” – says the expert

Attack on the airfield in the Crimea

On the afternoon of Tuesday, August 9, in the Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation  , explosions occurred in the area of ​​​​a military airfield near the city of Saki. It was from this air base that enemy planes flew to bomb the Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and Kherson regions.

Former adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Viktor Andrusiv  , hinted that powerful explosions in Crimea on August 9 occurred as a result of shelling carried out by the Ukrainian side.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the  explosions were due to the detonation of ammunition .

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry also reacted to this: “The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine cannot establish the cause of the fire, but once again reminds us of the fire safety rules and the ban on smoking in unidentified places. The fact of the fire can be used by a terrorist country in the information war. We do not exclude that the occupiers will “accidentally” find some characteristic “chevron”, “business card” or even “DNA”. Along the way, we draw attention to the fact that clothes made of bavovna are very hygienic,” the message says.



  1. What this Unian article suggests is incredible. The UA forces snuck through the front lines, fired their rockets or shells and scooted back over the lines.
    Could it be?
    The airbase on the Crimea is around 110 miles from the line of contact, or around 175 km. With 155 mm artillery and Excalibur ammo, you’d have to be about 135 or so km inside orc-controlled territory. With HIMARS it’s still nearly a hundred km. That would be VERY risky.
    I wonder where the truth lies in all of this.

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