RF uses criminals to control occupied territories – ISW

This contributes to a decrease in the effectiveness of counterguerrilla operations.

Russia can use criminals to control the occupied territories / photo ua.depositphotos.com
Russia can use criminals to control the occupied territories / photo ua.depositphotos.com

The Russian Federation can use units consisting of prisoners to control the population in the occupied parts of Ukraine.

Analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) came to such conclusions.

In the latest report, analysts note that the newly mobilized Russian battalions are tougher on the population of the occupied territories than professional Russian soldiers or even conscripts who have received formal military training.

These units are less trained and less professional. However, it is precisely such units that Russia attracts in order to control the population of the occupied territories.

“Russian forces may increasingly use low-quality, poorly trained units, which, for example, consist of prisoners, to control the population in the occupied parts of Ukraine. Such a deployment could reduce the competence of the occupying authorities and counter-guerrilla operations and increase Ukrainian support for resistance movements to the Russian occupation,” – say analysts.

As UNIAN wrote, the day before, Russian television spoke about the “heroic” death of prisoner Konstantin Tulinov in the Donbass. Thus, in the Russian Federation, they actually admitted that they were throwing criminals against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to some media reports, the owner of the private military company Liga (formerly PMC Wagner), Yevgeny  Prigozhin, personally recruits prisoners  in Russian colonies to participate in the war against Ukraine. 

Later, the Russian media found out that Wagner PMC  managed to recruit more than a thousand  prisoners for the war in Ukraine.

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  1. Hiring hoodlums to be soldiers and providing absolute minimum training to anyone sent to a war zone are very desperate measures. I think we all can agree on this. But, when in history have desperate measures in wartime ever helped? I can’t think of any.
    Furthermore, as the ISW says, using these scumbag convicts and greenhorns makes it easier for Ukrainian partisans to carry out their strikes. Certainly, the interests of the convicts will lie elsewhere besides the job at hand, like in stealing, raping and other criminal activities. The civilian population will hate mafia land even more, being pushed around by such thugs.
    The cockroaches are once again hurting themselves with such badly thought out measures. But, does it matter? Such things only help Ukraine.

    • Putler is giving a free hand to evil savages to murder, torture, rape, sodomise and thieve off innocents. Literal hell on earth. All of this because the Budapest signatories refuse to fight the bastard and leave all the fighting to the Ukrainians.

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