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Aug 9

Thank you Ukraine

Let’s make it short and efficient:

1) Amnesty International: I have lost all respect for the organization. What is their credibility from now on ? ZERO. The logical consequence of how Russia makes war (attacking civil targets) and the wording chosen by Amnesty would mean that the Ukrainians have to give up and surrender to Russian occupation. No!

2) Alice Weidel of AFD (right wing party in Germany): “Russia has been provoked into war as NATO/US have expanded too much into Ukraine”. I am seriously asking: why is she allowed to speak on German public TV (paid by all citizens) and not me. There is no value in such statements, but just weird conspiracy. There cannot be any excuse for Russia. By the way: hearing this from a lady is weird in itself. Did she miss the part on Russian-war-crimes-and-rape???

Thank you Ukraine for keeping it up. As you see, some Westerners are victims of Russian propaganda…The vast majority of Germans are like me and 100%-supporting Ukraine!

Remember: Bad things happen because good people say nothing!

standwithukraine #weareallukrainians #stopputin


Comment from Ingo Potsch:

“This report from 02.02.2016 already details that AfD received funding from putin: …….”

Comment from Matthew Ensor:

“AFD, Schröder (as well as Le Pen & Farage)…. They’re all simply the hand fed pets of Adolf Putin.
It’s what happens when one trades self dignity for dirty Russian money.”

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  1. Commenter Ingo Potsch shows that AfD is RuZZia-funded, like National Rally, ukip and many others.

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