Crimea Explosion: Spontaneous Combustion or UA Strike? US Weapon, or UA Weapon?

Were the explosions on the Crimea spontaneous, as the Russians are claiming? Or, were they caused by a Ukrainian attack? Was this attack by a long-range weapon, or by a special ops unit? I will discount the latter simply because this happened inside an air base. I know how tightly guarded air bases are. It’s quite unlikely that a group of special ops could get inside with the required gear and explosives without being spotted. If so … my hat goes off to them, and I’ll bow like a Musketeer to them and their skills.

It seems that the explosions on the Crimea were indeed the result of an attack by Ukraine. But, they appear to have been using Ukrainian weapons instead, and not ATACMS or another long-range Western weapon. But, as usual in recent times, UA forces are being a bit hushed up about details.

An article in Ukrainska Pravda, titled; “Ukrainian Ministry of Defence distances itself from explosions at Crimea airfield” makes it seems as if Ukraine is denying being involved.
However, in the article, it says: “Regarding the fire on the territory of the Saky airfield near the town of Novofedorivka in Crimea, which has been temporarily occupied by Russia: the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has not been able to establish what caused the fire. However, it would like to reiterate the importance of safety rules and the fact that smoking is prohibited in unauthorized locations. The terrorist state [Russia – ed.] might use the fire in the information war. It’s possible that the occupiers will ‘accidentally’ find some tell-tale ‘chevron’, a ‘business card’ or ‘DNA’ evidence [alleging Ukraine’s involvement in the attack – ed.].”

Knowing how the Ukrainians enjoy using playful wisecracks in its announcements, I take it that they truly did carry out an attack, but are admitting it only in a roundabout way.

Kiev Independent’s article about the Crimean explosions; “Multiple explosions reported at Russian military airbase in occupied Crimea”

In it, it says, “Ukraine has not commented in detail on the blasts yet.” And, “Today’s explosions in Novofedorivka are yet another reminder of to whom Crimea belongs to,” Vereshchuk said, without going further into details. “It (Crimea) is Ukraine!” the official added.

Here too, they’re using language that could be an admittance and yet not.

So far, it’s pretty nebulous. Are the cockroaches right, that the place “just blew up”? Or, are the rumors right, that Ukraine attacked the Crimea?
Maybe this message I got from Telegram is can shed some light into this:
“The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked an airbase in occupied Crimea using Ukrainian-made weapons, The New York Times reported, citing an unnamed “high-ranking Ukrainian military official with knowledge of the situation.”*

“It was an air base from which planes regularly took off to strike at our troops on the southern front,” a source told the NYT.

“The Ukrainian military official did not disclose the type of weapon, but specified that it was Ukrainian-made.”

If this weapon truly is Ukrainian made, this would represent a sensation. Not only would the UA forces finally have long-range capability, it would not have to go begging to anyone to get them. Furthermore, they could attack wherever they want, without being bound by the ball-and-chain, imposed to them by the Biden administration. Not only that, but it seems that this mystery weapon possesses pretty darn good accuracy. The distance is not only farther than UA forces have ever fired, but they obviously hit something smashing, if you get my drift. They could’ve hit an air strip or a hangar or just open fields, but they didn’t.

How did they do all this, and in the middle of a war?
The ruskie’s Pandora’s Box has opened.
We will see how this most interesting situation will develop further. Popcorn’s ready…



  1. This must a huge coincidence.

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a munition depot of Russian Forces in the Henichesk district of the Kherson region

    The Ukrainian military hit a target in the deep rear of Russian Forces. Henichesk district is located 200 km from Kherson, near the administrative border with Crimea.

    The AFU have destroyed a RU warehouse in Genichesk area, the most remote part of #Kherson oblast, previously unreachable by UKR artillery. The munitions were detonating for >1.5 hours. Another illustration of Ukraine’s effective use of weapons provided!

      • Going to be some worried orcs in the Kremlin tonight, especially if it is a Ukrainian missile that flew past all the orcs air defences.

        • And that in the Occupier’s mind Ukraine struck their land and yet not a peep out of them about it considering they’ve been threatening nukes if Russian territory is in danger.. They will continue to lie until one day a Neptune lands on their fucking laps.

  2. I would have announced that AFU spec ops troops did the dirty. Anything but give hints as to what actually did it.

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