Ukrainian aviation hits invaders in Kherson region thrice

In the south, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 24 Russian soldiers, destroyed six equipment units and an ammunition depot over the past day.

“The situation in Southern Buh direction is steadily tense, but it is controlled by the defense forces. The enemy focuses its main efforts on preventing the advance of our troops and holding its defense lines. The enemy tries to conduct reconnaissance with UAVs, continues firing from tube, rocket artillery and tanks along the entire line of contact,” the Operational Command “South” posted on Facebook.

The attack aircraft and a pair of helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched three strikes on a cluster of enemy weapons and equipment and a stronghold in Kherson district and on another stronghold in Beryslav district.

Over the past day, the Russian troops lost 24 soldiers, a T-62 tank, and five more vehicles. An ammunition depot was destroyed in the area of Charivne in Beryslav district of Kherson region. The final enemy losses are specified.

“Despite the stormy weather, about a dozen enemy warships continue to maneuver in the Black Sea, including four Kalibr missile carriers and one large landing ships on alert,” the Operational Command “South” added.

As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 42,200 Russian invaders from February 24 to August 7.


  1. Excellent! Ukraine air force still bringing death and destruction to the cockroach army!

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