Ukraine 2022?

By Charles Hogarth

No. This is Georgia in 2008. The invasion started 14 years ago today.

As you can see, orcs are still orcs. The same savages now as in Georgia, Chechnya and so on back through the centuries. The dark ages never left Russia.

We had GHW Bush and his damned “chicken Kiev” speech, his son’s fatuous “I have looked into his eyes” speech, the Obama “reset”, Trump; who became the first US president in history to repeatedly praise the “achievements” of a fascist dictator and now Biden, who unfortunately has not lived up to his supportive statements about Ukraine. However, let’s hope that history shows that he did a lot better than he appears to be doing at present.

This is Gori, near to South Ossetia. It was sacked by marauding orcs out of sheer spite:

The above horror was a dress rehearsal for Crimea in 2014 and the holocaust unleashed in Feb 2022 by degenerates and throwbacks.


  1. No lessons were learned in 2008, none in 2014 and none in 2021 when it became known that a Holocaust was about to be unleashed.

  2. No, there were no lessons learned from the appeasements of Adolf Hitler. The short version in the Kremlin is just as evil. Many across this sick globe still haven’t grasped this fact. Not to this very day.

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