Antonovsky bridge in Kherson hit again despite Russians’ absurd attempts to defend bridge

Ukraine has apparently hit the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson once again.

This should come as no surprise since Ukraine has demonstrated that it can hit the bridge whenever and wherever they like with HIMARS.

What is quite surprising, however, is how Russia has responded to this threat — by deploying radar reflectors.

Radar reflectors are basically metal contraptions installed on ships or other objects to draw off radar-guided missiles — sort of like a lightning rod. You hope the radar-guided missile locks on to the reflectors instead of your ship or bridge.

What’s odd about this is that Ukraine pretty much doesn’t use radar-guided missiles. HIMARS is guided by GPS. So why try to defend against radar-guided missiles?

Good question.

On missile target barges used by many navies there are a considerable number of these corner reflectors of various styles, in very close proximity to each other – and generally all on masts. This is as well as being on the very solid metal barge. These create a huge radar return for missile tests.

What the Russians have done at the bridges is almost the complete opposite of this. They have put them at near water level, not on masts, not grouped them, nor put that many out – and they aren’t really that well constructed. By this I mean, whilst they have created reflectors with four “sides”, they don’t appear to have a bottom plate – which, with this missing, greatly reduces the reflection!

As the above blogger points out, if you are going to employ radar reflectors, you need a lot of them to cover huge bridges.

There’s plenty more I could say about this to show the potential missile defence attempt made here by the Russians is pretty well pointless. More so because all of the attacks carried out by HIMARS don’t even involve a radar and the Ukrainians don’t have a missile capability as such anyway!

It just isn’t worth the effort. The bridges will always create a bigger radar return than the reflectors.

So why even bother with these radar reflectors?

Well, I guess they have to show they are doing something, even if it makes zero sense.

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  1. “Explosions on the Antonovsky bridge across Dnipro river in Kherson!
    Now something is burning on the bridge, perhaps repair equipment that was brought for repair after previous shelling”

    So, the UA forces wait a while before striking the bridge again. Perhaps, letting the cockroaches invest time, energy and money into the repairs before destroying the effort just before completion. They don’t know that if the bridge can be hit once it can be hit again? And, using radar reflectors against missiles without radar guidance? Really? Let stupid reign unhindered over the enemy if it serves your purpose.
    The bridge is the Achilles Heal of the cockroach army on this side of the river.

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