“You must be destroyed like Jews”: in Germany, an inadequate Russian woman attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child (video)

The Russian woman called herself a “native German” and said that Russia would soon stretch “from Moscow to Munich.”

In Germany, a Russian woman attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child / screenshot
In Germany, a Russian woman attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child / screenshot

In Bad Wiessee (Germany), an aggressive Russian woman attacked Ukrainians on the playground . A woman scolded a two-year-old boy and his mother for no reason, accompanying her hysteria with threats and accusations.

A Ukrainian woman shared a fragment of a conversation with a Russian woman on  Instagram .

Ukrainian Oksana recalled that she was talking to her mother when she heard an unfamiliar Russian woman turn to her son: “Listen here, dude, you are now quickly collecting your coins and fucking in your x * hland. And take your mother” .Play Video

At the same time, the Russian-speaking woman called herself a “native German” because she allegedly came to Germany 20 years ago. After that, the aggressive individual stated that dictator Putin “does everything right” and soon Russia will stretch “from Moscow to Munich.”

The aggression of the Russian woman did not end there. The woman went into courage and gave out that “Ukrainians must be destroyed as Jews.” In addition, the Russian woman encouraged her daughter to behave the same way. The child poured water over the boy, and her mother called the child “stupid x*chle”. 

Subsequently, the inadequate Russian woman realized that “glory” and responsibility for such behavior awaited her. The woman partially retracted her words, saying that she “speaks with nature.”

However, the “repentance” did not last long. In the video, you can clearly hear the Russian woman saying: “How can you trample everything like a herd into your shacks.”

The Ukrainian turned to law enforcement officers to assess the actions of the Russian woman. The police promised to identify her.


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  1. Here you have a case when a Russian goes to a foreign country but still gets Russian propaganda and believes it. She said the quiet part out loud and admitted she’s a Nazi. Those that listen to Russian propaganda understand they are Nazis and must call everyone that disagrees with them, Nazis. This is a Nazi technique and another reason RT, Sputnik and TASS should be banned. Free speech does not include the freedom to lie. People have a right to the truth and that’s why you can’t lie to Police, its a really bad idea 😉

    • It’s not only in Germany. I’ve seen that crap in Florida as well. Love annoying the hell out of the Russians by proudly wearing Ukrainian T shirts. These animals are unbelievable. They buy all of Russia crap. I love how New York stuck it to Russians living around the Little Odesa area in Brooklyn by renaming a major street Ukrainian Way.
      Can’t understand these animals. Well as Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as Stupid does” and unfortunately there is no cure for Stupid

  2. “Ukrainians must be destroyed as Jews.”
    That ugly fat skank is a nazi. She has broken even German law. I wonder how many RuZZians think like that? I fear that it may be a horribly large amount. Followers of putinazi ideology are soldiers of Satan as much as orcs are. They deserve incarceration; 20 years minimum.

  3. Once a filthy ruskie, always a filthy ruskie. That’s a fact in the majority of cases. I also know ruskie creatures who’ve lived in Germany for decades and are nothing but evil creatures, just like the ones who still live in the shithole. If 20 years of living in a democratic and tolerant society still lets them hate in the manner like this fat blubber ass, then Germany and Europe as a whole would do itself a big favor by sending these orcs back to the land of their dreams. They will never change.

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