What will be the aftermath of the Ukraine war if Russia is defeated | Sir Richard Barrons


  1. The West need to have a word with Putler behind the scenes, and tell the little bastard, any nukes whatsoever on Ukraine, Kaliningrad disappears, then St Petersburg. We know the terrorist always backs down when confronted, because if his nukes are anything like the rest of the junk in Ukraine, launching a nuke is not even guaranteed to land in the right country. In fact we have seen several of Muscovy missiles boomerang back on to them.

    • That would be too funny, if a nuclear-tipped missile boomerangs back onto mafia land. Even funnier would be right into Moscow.

  2. Four things would be great to see happen to mafia land after the defeat of their cockroach army:
    1. Complete demilitarization
    2. Complete denuclearization
    3. Complete breaking up of the country into numerous states.
    4. Complete removal of ALL mafia officials from their posts and have them thrown straight into prison for life.

    • No! Do what I suggested for Luka. Let them dance on air and gibbet the corpses. Executing criminals is the only thing that sends the sort of message that must be sent.

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