The United States said that the Russian Federation has used about 50% of its resources since the beginning of the war

The occupiers are now fighting to the best of their ability, Volker said.

Volker said that Russia has already used 50% of its resources in Ukraine / photo from UNIAN
Volker said that Russia has already used 50% of its resources in Ukraine / photo from UNIAN

The Russian Federation has already used about half of its trained military and weapons in a full-scale war against Ukraine . In this regard, their military capabilities decreased dramatically.

This was stated by an American diplomat, former special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker, reports  TSN.

Their [Russians’] military capabilities have decreased dramatically. That’s good, but now they’ve started using less accurate weapons and they’re starting to hit more civilian targets. But on the other hand, they also hit the military less, so their abilities are reduced, Volker said.

At the same time, he noted that the Russian government, in particular dictator Putin, has no desire to announce a general mobilization, since this could destabilize the situation in the country.

Putin already gathered a lot of people from the regions for the war in Ukraine. And Moscow, St. Petersburg and the border areas, almost did not touch, to create the illusion that everything is fine. If there is a general mobilization, this will create new problems for him, Volker added.

Putin is ready to send more than 30,000 volunteers to Ukraine

According to CNN, the occupiers are looking for replacements for their military, who were exhausted in five months of the war, and those who were liquidated by the defenders of Ukraine. Of the 30,000 mobilized, about a third of them plan to be thrown into the Donbass.

At the same time, it is noted that calls to join volunteer battalions are mainly targeted at poorer and more isolated regions, using “quick money” as bait.

The losses of the Russians are growing rapidly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroying a lot of military equipment and invaders every day. In this regard, the founder of PMC “Wagner”  personally recruits prisoners . He offered potential militants monetary rewards and pardons.

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  1. These stories are encouraging but I do wish we would see the beginning of more offensive operations rather then defensive actions.

    • It may happen soon and I expect Ukrainians are trying to sneak in behind the child rapists in Kherson and drive a wedge between the troops and their supply lines. If Ukraine can pull that off and trap a few thousand child rapists then we will have some leverage and hopefully access to the Azov Sea and….the bridge.

  2. Give Ukraine long-range capabilities now! The worthy targets that are within range of current artillery and rocket batteries are mostly exhausted, having been destroyed or withdrawn. The ones still worth expending expensive ammo are now too far back. But, they too must be destroyed as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.

  3. One more thing to worry russia, and one that will eventually cripple the dwarf terrorist, is the price of oil. Since the dwarf invaded Ukraine, the price of oil has seen a downward spiral. It is now less than $90 a barrel and dropping. Given that the mafia state is giving fellows supporters massive discounts, it won’t be long before russia is selling oil at a loss.

  4. For Ukraine, the mythical “one million man army” must become a reality. And in double quick time; with another 1m in reserve.
    The defenders must be prepared and assume that putler’s genocide will continue until his death; only to be replaced by another genocidal nazi bastard.
    Sanctions that cause mass starvation and rioting won’t happen, so Ukraine must crush the orcs now.
    There needs to be a much greater sense of urgency with the allies.
    FFS give them what they need to liberate Kherson long before winter.
    That at least would be a start.
    Another 40 HIMARS needed.
    In a couple of months, Ukraine will have another 10,000 British-trained troops and artillerymen to put into combat. That’s 40,000/year, but it’s still still not enough.

  5. What Ukraine needs for complete strategic victory must be poured in now. All AFU training sites must be expanded. West needs to tremendously boost manufacturing to fill and back fill arms that are currently in production that Ukraine needs. Also new plants to fill the voids donor countries may experience as they continue to supply parts and fully functional systems. All ammunition that Ukraine needs to be mega produced, or create suitable replacements The more Ukraine can produce domestically the better. But does not need to be exclusive, partnerships for Ukrainian factories will be a tremendous boost to what is being brought in as well as accumulating reserves. Ukraine is going to need a lot more tanks, artillery of all sorts, armored personnel carriers, vessels, drones and more missiles to turn black sea fleet into an underwater tourist attraction. Above all else Ukraine needs more air defense layers and modern western aircraft. Many pilots already know how to fly many variants of NATO aircraft. A base needs to be quickly compiled to match these pilots to donor planes and helicopters, as well as identify those pilots that can fly the planes allies can send in as little as 2 weeks to a month. At same time the ones that can achieve this in 1 month to 2 months. West needs to quit underestimating AFU’s abilities to learn extremely well extremely fast. Right now all that can fly west planes need to be matched with compatible donor supply A.S.A.P. I pray that the west not sit by providing only what Ukraine needs to resist, but to overwhelmingly provide for an absolute victory and liberation for all of Ukraine from the temporary ruZZian occupiers. Every moment we wait to fully support this is another moment a Ukrainian is killed, tortured, raped, and abused. May we boldly face any possible risk to our total involvement, cast aside our fear, come together outside of NATO and the UN defeating putler and his hoard once and for all.

    Total Victory for Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

    Death to the ruZZian and axis temporary occupants!!!☠️

    This article Sir Scradge linked to on “What Ukraine really needs to launch a counteroffensive against Russia”
    gives a pretty good idea, not sure it listed fighter planes, choppers, or ground support aircraft however. (having trouble pulling up reference article here.)

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