Inside the city of the damned:

What’s going on in Putin occupied Kherson has been hidden from the world. But insider accounts obtained by war reporter DAVID PATRIKARAKOS expose unimaginable evil – and the awesome courage of the Ukrainian resistance.

By David Patrikarakos For The Daily Mail

06 Aug 2022


  1. This is horribly distressing to read. Sorry.
    RuZZia is the home of creatures from the lowest depths of hell.
    The writer of this piece writes for UnHerd; a site that produces brilliant and supportive articles about Ukraine and the horror that is being inflicted upon it by the worst people that have ever lived on this planet.
    The Mail owe a huge debt to Ukraine, since it hosts the vile kremlin shill Peter Hitchens, who only today has written yet another piece defending his nazi friend Graham Phillips.
    It is to be hoped that they will publish more articles by Mr Patrikarakos.

  2. A military is the reflection of its society. Thus, it cannot be said enough what despicable, evil creatures that the Russians are. It’s usually a regime and its many organs that embody evilness in a country, but, in this case, the demons residing in the Kremlin have managed to brainwash the majority of the country’s population into drooling freaks who even prefer a handful of toilet paper money over the lives of their sons and husbands … or a TV set. Some have no problem wearing panties stolen in Ukraine with the blood of the victim still clinging to the fabric.

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