Erfan Kudusov: No One Knows What We Will Liberate Earlier — Crimea Or Belarus

The Kalinouski regiment has good contacts with units of the Crimean Tatar volunteers.


How will the de-occupation of Crimea and the liberation of Belarus go? Erfan Kudusov, a well-known civil activist, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people, spoke about this in the Studio X-97 program:

“Belarus today is in a situation of actual occupation, without any doubt. Missiles are flying from there, and the Russians are preparing strikes, one has already been repulsed, but today, you know, our units have contacts with the regiment of Kastus Kalinouski. We know each other. We have a “Crimea” unit of Crimean Tatar fighters, and a unit named after Noman Chelebidzhikhan.

And this is a problem for Russia, you see. It is not known what we will liberate together first: Minsk or Crimea. We don’t know, but we are preparing.

“You need to be prepared for both.”

“Yes. It could happen at the same time. And this will surely happen soon. There are contacts, there is work, and I think that this will happen soon. Everyone should be ready for this. The Crimean Tatars in the Crimea, and Belarusians in Belarus, and all those groups that could get involved should get connected now. Now the key moment for this is to have a friendly shoulder nearby.”


  1. Both, the Belarusian people and the true Crimea people are stuck in straightjackets, which they are itching to get off. I hope that both will soon get liberated, for I am sure that both will in the near future. I just wish that the Belarusian people would now hit the streets in massive numbers. That could help things to move along a bit faster.

    • Since 2014, the Krym Tatars have been tortured with electricity, locked up for no reason, murdered, “disappeared” and their homes have been thieved.
      Many tried to start again and moved to places like Lviv. Some went to Mykolaiv and now their businesses have again been destroyed and their homes under nightly threat too.
      This is why Erdogan needs to get off the fence. It has been suggested before that a joint Turkish-Ukrainian force could liberate Crimea and establish a Nato presence on the peninsula.
      I wish they would do that!

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