“A Bit More And Ukrainians Will Stage A Parade!”

The border regions of the Russian Federation are panicking.

Life in the regions of the Russian Federation bordering Ukraine has changed dramatically after the start of a full-scale invasion. If at first, the population consoled itself with illusions about the quick completion of the “special operation”, now it has experienced all the “charms” of the war unleashed by the Kremlin. Moreover, today some of the Russians in the border area are already ready to literally “expel” their own military, according to the Obozrevatel news publisher.

New realities

The hope of the Russians for the capture of Kyiv and, accordingly, the surrender of Ukraine, quickly faded away. The heavy losses of the Russian army, hushed up by the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense of the occupying country, are clearly visible from fresh graves in cemeteries.

Earlier, local authorities simply reassured the Russians and denied that the “special military operation” would affect the usual way anyhow. Now they are already expressing “their deep concern”. For example, the governor of the Kursk region finally admitted that “the situation is not easy”.

“We are a border region. Chaotic shelling is being carried out from the Ukrainian side. The Ministry of Defense is responding, the necessary reinforcement units are being sent to our region,” Roman Starovoit hastened to “calm down”.

He also reported on the allegedly prevented sabotage at the airfield, where military personnel of the army of the occupying country are now based. It is true, local residents claim that just one of the locals launched a quadrocopter, and it was eventually shot down.

But this “surprise” is not single. A few days earlier, someone blew up an electric power transmission of the Kursk NPP to the Yuzhnaya substation. Due to the sabotage, part of the districts lost electricity.

The situation is no better in the Belgorod region. From the territory of which rockets are fired almost daily at Ukraine, in particular at the city of Kharkiv and the region.

According to a Kharkiv resident who has relatives living on the other side of the border (in the Belgorod region), the inhabitants of the Russian border area are very angry and frightened.

“They are not going to resume the work of schools and kindergartens in five of the nine districts of the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine. Local residents, in turn, are angry because of the presence of a large number of Russian military personnel. They are well aware that weapons, and ammunition depots during the war are the legitimate goal of the enemy. Accordingly, the strikes can also damage “ordinary Russians,” a man said.

According to him, the Russian Federation already understands that it will not be possible to launch Iskanders with impunity forever, there will be a tough response. “The ‘bavovna’ (cotton – ed.) that is happening now is just the beginning. Therefore, they have already begun to move from Belgorod and the region, fearing serious blows,” a Kharkiv resident added.

A large concentration of the Russian military led to numerous conflicts with local residents. For example, the military vehicles of the occupiers simply crushed into a private house in the village of Urazovo. Residents of the Belgorod region say that things like this are happening all the time.

This is a damaged house in the village of Urazovo. Russian military vehicles crashed into it.

They are looking saboteurs everywhere

They are intensively providing the topic of the “Ukrainian SSGs”. Local residents are advised to “inform” against everyone and even be vigilant about “guests” from friendly “republics” (“Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics”).

In general, the attitude towards refugees in Russia has now deteriorated much: everyone is seen as a potential enemy. Locals have raised the cost of rent for Donetsk and Luhansk residents, some even demand that they be banned from settling in the border regions.

From the 5th of August, Kursk began checking all taxi drivers, among which there are just a large number of those who moved from the part of Donbas occupied by Russia.

Every now and then, the Russian special services report the capture of another batch of “saboteurs”, but of course, they do not provide any strong evidence. However, the locals are panicking.

They write about their fears on Telegram channels and VK. They are afraid of the “Ukrainian occupation” most of all.

“A little more and the Ukrainians will arrange a parade with us!”, “We used to live normally, but there is no life after the SMO beginning”, “How long can you mock us?!” are the softest comments.

They are recruited into occupiers

It has become much worse with employment both in the Kursk and in the Belgorod regions. Some Russians curtailed their business because of the proximity of the border, others because of logistics disrupted due to the war, and supplies issues. The army of the occupying country is trying to take advantage of this.

For example, they arranged a “volunteer day” in Kursk. They organized a mobile station for the selection of contract soldiers. Men under the age of 60 are invited to serve, promising exorbitant salaries: from 200 thousand rubles and even up to 500 thousand. However, local residents did not show much enthusiasm.

It is in the border area that there is an increase in opponents of the “special operation” announced by the President of the Russian Federation, although this does not play a significant role so far.

Nevertheless, both opponents and supporters of the “special military operation” agree that every day there will be more and more dangerous incidents in the border areas of the Russian Federation.

“Such sabotage lies ahead for many years to come!

The full-scale Russian invasion has already backfired on everyone.



  1. It’s very nice to know that the lives of the ruskies across the border are also negatively affected by this savage war.

    “According to him, the Russian Federation already understands that it will not be possible to launch Iskanders with impunity forever, there will be a tough response.”

    Indeed, with a real POTUS in the Oval Office, this tough response would already be a reality.

    “They organized a mobile station for the selection of contract soldiers. Men under the age of 60 are invited to serve, promising exorbitant salaries: from 200 thousand rubles and even up to 500 thousand. However, local residents did not show much enthusiasm.”

    Despite Kremlin lies and a huge effort to hush-hush its significant casualties, social media has informed most about them. No one will fall for the fascist regime’s cheap trick with money, which they know they will never see anyway, but an obscure grave instead, if you’re lucky enough not to end up as dog food.

  2. I’m wondering how much longer putin can keep this up before his own people try overrunning the kremlin in a full overthrow. I know that’s a lot to wish for, but that’s essentially what happened to the African dictator, Mugabe, and there’s other examples of coup d’etats. In Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the hypocrisy he had committed was so bad, that he actually had a solid gold toilet, installed at his presidential palace. Another recent example was the ouster of the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

    • Yes, Mac, there are many examples from history in which the people ousted the president maggot from power. Ukraine’s Euromaidan is a prime example too.
      But, as you say, it’s a lot to wish for. The ruskies by and large enjoy being slaves and living in a shithole. Even the ones who live in foreign countries for decades still have the slave-shithole genes in their blood.

      • “Liking” the comment worked again! It brought me to a Word Press sign-in page, and after signing in, that “blank, white screen” issue happened again. But I see that the “like” star is still there. 😊

        • Or maybe it didn’t work the way I thought it did. I’d guess it’s something to do with whatever issue causes that blank screen.

          • I also used to have problems logging in but after a while it seemed to resolve itself.

            fucking computers.

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